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We have a proud heritage of delivering enlightened financial strategies to good people. The quality and longevity of our client relationships remind us of the roles we play and the trust we’ve earned.
The Smith Group
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

At The Smith Wealth Management Group, we take a distinctive, multi-generational approach to wealth management. We expect you’ll find that it is more personal, more comprehensive, and more meaningful than what you may have found elsewhere. 

You see, we believe our job is not just about managing your money. It’s about managing your decisions around money. While the first certainly creates value, our ability to successfully help inform your financial decisions can unlock multiples of value – throughout your life.

Operating on multiple cylinders to address our clients’ specialized financial needs, we’ve come to assist active and retired physicians, corporate executives, consultants and three and four generations of their families. Many come to us with significant wealth and goals that extend to family members and charitable causes. Others simply wish for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement – free from financial worries and uncertainty. 

With no cookie-cutter clients, we do not employ cookie-cutter strategies. Instead, we see each client as a puzzle with dozens of pieces that need to fit snugly, in order to brighten financial picture. To serve individuals who demand an uncompromised measure of acumen and attention, we focus on clients’ priorities and passions. Our planning-based approach is a hallmark of our offering, which is why we talk frequently with clients. Equally important is working closely with both spouses and clients’ adult children, when possible.

Given Barry Jr.’s former career as a CPA and high level of tax awareness, we have a natural ability and commitment to identify, optimize and maintain a client’s tax efficiencies, on a regular basis. In addition to Barry’s skills, we typically work in concert with your CPA and tax attorney – directing their implementation of the strategies we help formulate. This enables us to align financial and tax minimization strategies designed to benefit generations of your family.

*Merrill, its affiliates, and financial advisors do not provide legal, tax, or accounting advice. You should consult your legal and/or tax advisors before making any financial decisions.

About Us
Boutique-Like Attention

At The Smith Wealth Management Group, we have built a reputation for offering engaging and memorable experiences to clients. By doing our jobs well, we can give you the confidence that comes from sophisticated, risk-managed investing and the tax-efficient preservation and transfer of wealth.

Experience tells us that you – like each of our clients – is a puzzle with a unique blend of circumstances, preferences, achievements and ambitions. It is incumbent on us to fully appreciate what makes you, you. Only then can we deliver attention that is meaningful, proactive and ongoing.

Our advisors' efforts are complemented by those of our client associates', both who've spent more than 20 years in financial services. As a highly collaborative team, we live by the motto that "everything is everyone's business." We cannot afford for any matter to fall through the cracks, and neither can you. We are well aware that our performance can determine yours.

If your expectations have been shaped by a previous or existing advisory relationship, we feel privileged to offer something different. Rather than call you when the calendar tells us to, we believe in talking to you more frequently, to discuss a variety of topics – your family, tax situation, cash flow and income, the markets, and potential opportunities. When you call, we will recognize your voice and, more importantly, remain mindful of our previous conversation

Having served dozens of clients with situations that may be similar to yours, we have become a repository of knowledge. This is not our first rodeo. As a smaller group with fewer households, we can be more granular in our approach and more personal with each client.

Finally, as a multi-generational team, we are well equipped to work with you, your parents, children and grandchildren. We will be here for years to come – delivering a seamless transition of knowledge, know-how and passion. Anything less is less than you deserve.

Meet Our Team
Barry Smith
Managing Director, Senior Financial Advisor
Barry Smith
Senior Financial Advisor
Juanita F Stinson
Officer, Registered Senior Wealth Management Client Associate
Kristina E Rossi
Officer, Registered Senior Wealth Management Client Associate
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