Samantha Burke

Financial Advisor

417 Thorn St
Sewickley, PA 15143
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Understanding your life goals and priorities is such an important part of truly understanding how to strategize a plan to help to achieve the goals that you have as a client. Every client... every dollar, has a different purpose, and when you tie that into the expertise and research of Merrill Lynch along with myself as your financial advocate and advisor - we come up with a strategy that truly aligns with your goals and aspirations, that bridges the gaps and connects the dots to help make your financial dreams and life goals a reality.

As a financial advisor, I take pride in revolving my career, the ultimate goal of helping my clients, my every day interactions with my clients – in adding value to not just their financial well-being, but their value of living, the comfort of reaching not just their financial goals, but their family, personal and retirement goals – discovering what drives them, and how we can financially give them more than just confidence, but to help them to live out their dreams.  My vision is to work with clients on a personal level – it’s important to me to have a relationship with my clients, and not just transact with them. We live in a world that is impersonal enough, and I never intend on adding to that way of service. 

I’ve always envisioned myself in a career and living a life in which I am able to touch and improve people’s lives. Making a difference, a genuine difference, brings me so much fulfillment and joy. When I see the difference I make, even better, when my client’s see and feel the difference I make – is the most rewarding piece of this job. Being an advisor allows you the opportunity to do just that. Doctors take care of a client’s physical health – but as an advisor, it’s our duty to look out and advise on our client’s financial health. To be the person that bridges the gaps for clients in order to reach their goals of either retiring at a certain age, of leaving a legacy to their grandchildren, to not just accomplishing financial goals, but their life and family goals, truly brings me the satisfaction I’ve always hoped to find in a career.

  To understand who I am a bit more.... I grew up in a big Italian family, and I've loved every overwhelming minute of it. Tradition, especially family tradition, is extremely important to me, so things like cooking, making homemade sauce and wine, sitting around the dinner table for 2 hours after dinner is done - are things that I hold near and dear to my heart. Family is, always has been, and always will be incredibly important to me. I'm a mom of two beautiful boys and am married my high school best friend. Outside of family, I enjoy traveling as much and as often as possible, cooking, gardening, and spending time enjoying the outdoors. At this point in my life, family and my career are my life priorities, and I pride myself at working hard at being successful in both of those.

About Me

My mission, first and foremost, is to understand you and what matters most to you. Armed with that information I can ask thoughtful questions -- listening carefully, then understanding in detail where your wealth stands today and where you'd like it to be tomorrow. I help you design and implement a personalized plan intended to help you and your family pursue financial goals while helping manage investment risk. My approach is to focus on potential solutions that can help turn goals into reality.

About Merrill

Bringing fresh perspectives to your financial life

The financial decisions you make today can help determine the future you build for yourself and your family. Carving a clear path forward starts with connecting your life and finances. A Merrill advisor provides access to the investing insights of Merrill and banking capabilities of Bank of America to help you make informed decisions as you pursue your goals.

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