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We work with business owners and executives to convert their money into wealth. Building wealth is more than investing; it is about executing a plan based on priorities, passions and goals. Our clients lean on us to help them make smart financial decisions that over time convert their success into financial well-being.
The Benway Kepplinger Wealth Management Group
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Business owners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to wealth management. In many cases, the owner’s personal liquidity is often substantially less than economic net worth. As such, succession, retirement, tax and estate planning decisions are more complicated. Moreover, multi-generational businesses may lack leadership consensus at transition and force sub-optimal outcomes. As advisors experienced in handling a wide variety of these situations, we with you to define your goals and develop a financial plan to achieve them.

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Relax. This is your process. You're probably here because you have arrived at a crossroads. The answer you are looking for is not so obvious and you need some advice. Perhaps a term sheet arrived on your desk and the numbers look interesting. Suppose your children aren't interested in joining the company after college. Maybe your largest competitor was closed down for tax fraud. You need someone to help you sort out the implications and find the right course of action.

Meet Our Team
David Benway
Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor
Keith Kepplinger
Assistant Vice President, Financial Advisor
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Erica Dugan
Structured Credit Executive
Christopher Caradec
Wealth Strategies Advisor
Elizabeth M Burlinson
Senior Wealth Management Lending Officer
NMLS #364508
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The financial decisions you make today can help determine the future you build for yourself and your family. Carving a clear path forward starts with connecting your life and finances. A Merrill advisor provides access to the investing insights of Merrill and banking capabilities of Bank of America to help you make informed decisions as you pursue your goals.

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