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When wealth takes on a certain scale, its management can become challenging. The Wang Group can help you unwind the intricacies of substantial wealth, allowing you to regain time, enhance your capacity, and pursue the life and legacy you envision.
The Wang Group
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Significant wealth is different in its opportunities and challenges. Matthew James Wang appreciates those distinctions.

Matt works closely with wealth creators and their family members, helping them articulate what they want to accomplish and enact a plan to pursue those ambitions. Like any well-constructed plan, his approach is malleable, reflecting the changing conditions of the markets, tax conditions, economic themes, and—most importantly—the evolving life priorities of clients and their loved ones.

A strong leader and empathetic guide, Matt prizes the opportunity to have a positive and lasting impact on clients’ lives—to guide them through significant decision points in their wealth so they can enjoy greater confidence and poise in managing their financial affairs.

Matt believes he offers a different kind of approach—one that welcomes high expectations. Here are a few of the ways he strives to deliver an exceptional client experience:

· Immediacy: Matt provides clients with the one-on-one focus and sustained attention that significant wealth requires, limiting his number of client relationships by design.  

· Leadership: A graduate of West Point and a combat veteran, Matt is accustomed to leading complex initiatives, guiding team members toward shared priorities.

· Empathy: Keenly interested in others, Matt looks to treat clients with the diligence and care he would want for his own family members and friends.

Working with The Wang Group
Our Approach
A Disciplined Approach

Discipline lends structure and purpose to wealth management, anchored to principles that have demonstrated their timelessness.

As a Private Wealth Manager, Matthew James Wang offers a disciplined approach to the clients he serves, grounding his efforts in rigor and analysis, rather than emotional decision-making or market sentiment. Throughout his life, Matt has been guided by discipline—first, at West Point, then as a Captain in the Army, and finally, in completing his M.B.A. at Columbia while working full time at Bank of America.

For Matt, discipline infuses multiple aspects of his wealth management process:

A Focus on Wealth Preservation: Matt appreciates the hard work and sacrifice that clients have made in amassing their wealth. He never loses sight of the seriousness of his task or the preciousness of client trust. He avoids market fads and "chasing the hot dot." Instead, Matt incorporates the market intelligence of Bank of America and Merrill to help identify investment opportunities with long-term potential.

An Emphasis on Excellence: Matt believes in striving for excellence in all that he does. That mindset influences his approach to team management, from day-to-day client needs to large-scale initiatives. By overseeing consistent processes and nurturing a high-achieving culture, Matt believes his team can serve clients like no other.

A Desire to Drive Value: For Matt, client needs are top of mind. Whether a client has been with him for days or decades, he strives to add value to clients' lives, making their finances simpler, more efficient, and, ultimately, more satisfying. He regularly looks for ways to help the families he serves, becoming a trusted part of their inner circle.

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