Jorge Arrisueno
Financial Advisor
100 International Dr
Baltimore, MD 21202
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I help you uncover what matters to you and your family to help create a strategy to pursue your financial goals.

Within our esteemed team at Merrill, I am a dedicated Financial Advisor committed to co-creating bespoke wealth management solutions with our discerning clientele of affluent individuals, families, and businesses. Together, drawing from a diverse array of specialists, innovative solutions, and unique investments, we craft a narrative of financial growth, wealth fortification, and seamless succession planning and wealth transfer strategies. Our collaborative approach prioritizes simplicity, tax efficiency, and access to capital, ensuring that as a team, we secure enhanced financial security, preserve legacies, and foster the continuity of generational wealth through a progressive and comprehensive approach.

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About Me
Empowering Financial Success

As a dedicated wealth management advisor, I bring a client-centric approach to financial planning, focusing on crafting tailored strategies for individuals and families. My commitment lies in understanding my clients' unique goals and aspirations, ensuring that each financial solution is personalized to their specific needs.

Central to my approach is the cultivation of strong, trust-based relationships with clients, fostering open communication and transparency in every financial decision. This empowers individuals and families to navigate the complexities of financial planning with confidence and clarity.

With a diverse skill set encompassing investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, and risk management, I offer comprehensive solutions that cover all facets of wealth management. By leveraging a variety of financial tools and strategies, I aim to optimize returns while minimizing risks, laying a solid financial foundation for my clients.

At the heart of my philosophy lies a commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous learning. By staying informed about industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities, I strive to deliver superior service and value to my clients. Upholding the highest ethical standards and always prioritizing my clients' best interests, I aim to build enduring relationships that transcend generations.

In a dynamic financial landscape, I remain dedicated to empowering individuals and families to achieve their financial aspirations with confidence and assurance. With a passion for excellence and an unwavering dedication to client success, I am honored to serve as a trusted advisor on the journey towards financial well-being.

Saturday, June 1st 2024| 6:45pm
Social Security and You

Join us for an informative dinner seminar during which we'll discuss:
• Who is eligible for Social Security benefits?
• What factors you should consider before starting your benefits?
• When may be the most appropriate time to start taking benefits?
• Ways in which you can potentially maximize your benefits.

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The financial decisions you make today can help determine the future you build for yourself and your family. Carving a clear path forward starts with connecting your life and finances. A Merrill advisor provides access to the investing insights of Merrill and banking capabilities of Bank of America to help you make informed decisions as you pursue your goals.

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Jorge Arrisueno is registered to do business in DC, DE, FL, MD, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TX, VA, WV.