Chris Ishii

Financial Advisor

2049 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067
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If you are a business owner, professional, or executive, your time is a precious commodity. I can help you do more with your wealth, providing you with the direction and analysis to capitalize on opportunities and pursue the future you envision for yourself and the people you value.

Christopher Ishii is a Financial Advisor with Merrill in Beverly Hills, California. Chris offers detailed strategy and advice to individuals, families, and businesses, helping them do more with their wealth. He has particular depth catering to the needs of high-net-worth clients, mindful of their distinctive priorities and aspirations. To each relationship, Chris offers the knowledge he has gained from direct experience advising an accomplished clientele, grounding his approach in integrity and care.


Clients from varied paths seek Chris’s assistance. Many are business owners who look to Chris for in-depth wealth planning that addresses the unique aspects of their situations. Chris caters to that singularity, offering a rigorous, planning-based approach that strives to unify the many moving parts of their wealth. He also advises business owners about their corporate retirement strategies, such as 401(k), SEP, and SIMPLE plans. Other clients include professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and CPAs, who look to Chris to help create time in their schedules by managing the day-to-day oversight of their finances. And still other clients include executives who have encountered significant complexity at the intersection of their personal and professional wealth. To each of these relationships, Chris brings a readiness to dive into the circumstances of each client’s situation, helping clients move “from point A to point B” in their wealth as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


Chris appreciates that finances can be a source of concern to individuals and families, particularly those who wonder if they are on the right path. Chris takes the time to develop deep relationships with the clients he serves, helping them weigh their options, make informed decisions, and regain financial poise and confidence. He relates well to people from varied life stages, from matriarchs and patriarchs through millennials, earning client trust through his diligent follow through and dedication to client well-being. An experienced Advisor, he is skilled in helping families transfer their wealth to the next generation in a strategic and tax-sensitive manner.


A member of Merrill since 2021, Chris is adept in multiple wealth disciplines: portfolio design, alternative investment analysis, business and succession planning, trust and estate planning services, charitable giving, long-term wealth strategy, family wealth dynamics, and access to lending through Bank of America. Earlier in his career, Chris served as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley and has worked in wealth management since 2016. He earned his B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Miami in Florida.


Originally from Palos Verdes, Chris now lives in Los Angeles. Dedicated to his community, he is an active supporter of the Los Angeles Food Bank and Bright Prospect, an organization that sponsors and mentors first-generation college students. In his free time, Chris enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people, going out with friends, trying new restaurants, camping, and cheering on the Lakers.


*Some or all alternative investment programs may not be in the best interest of certain investors. No assurance can be given that any alternative investment’s investment objectives will be achieved.  
I follow the deep-seated Merrill tradition of participating in the communities we serve. This drives my interest in spending time volunteering with organizations in our community.

About Me


Finances can be time consuming. They are also a primary source of concern for many Americans.

I look to remove both of those barriers for the clients I serve, restoring free time to their schedules and helping them gain a more poised and confident outlook.

As a Financial Advisor with Merrill, I help people do more with their wealth. My process begins with active listening. I like to learn all I can about the clients I serve – their finances, but also their interests, passions, and aspirations. By appreciating the whole person, I am better able to pursue success as they define it.

I've worked in wealth management since 2016, providing me with first-hand knowledge of the needs of an affluent clientele. Business owners, professionals, executives, and multigenerational families look to me to help them integrate and unify multiple aspects of their wealth, forging a more cohesive whole.

How I Can Help:

  • I listen attentively, providing the focus and attention you deserve.

  • I ground my approach in clarity and honesty, helping you spot potential issues while accelerating your path to what matters.

I enjoy meeting new people and welcome the opportunity for a conversation. If you are encountering a significant decision point in your financial life—or you are simply wondering if you are on the right path—reach out to me by phone or email:


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Christopher Ishii is registered to do business in CA, CO, FL, HI, IN, NV, NY, WA.